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If you're in the automotive rebuilding business at one point or another you have either used a recycled airbag or have considered it. However, if this is your full-time profession it might have crossed your mind whether using a recycled airbag is an ethical choice. Well let me help you clear your mind and feel comfortable when making that decision. First and for most, you need to apply some strategies that will assure you have purchased a quality used airbag replacement.

First, make sure that the company you buy the airbag from provides you with both serial numbers and VIN numbers printed on your invoice. This will guarantee that you haven't purchased a stolen airbag and that you didn't buy an airbag from a flood damaged vehicle.

Second, make sure the company you deal with does not leave the airbags sitting in the car for months. Cars that sit in the recycling yard collect mold due to exposure to moisture.  "Here is a tip", if the airbag has been exposed to water you can spot moisture by inspecting the back side of the airbag. Look for rusted bolts, and mold that will acquire on the plastic parts and wiring of the airbag. Also, check the stitching, if there is a bluish crust collected around the stitching and wiring more than likely it has been exposed to water. Avoid and return all airbags if you detect any signs of moisture and water damage.

Third, make sure you check for frayed or cut wires. If the dismantler is not careful he can damage the wiring of the airbag replacement module when it is being removed from the vehicle. Make sure to follow the wire from the cylinder of the airbag to the connector.

Forth, inspect the connector, look inside the connector and check the pins. If you spot a bluish or light green film on the pins more than likely this airbag has been exposed to water, return it. Check the mounting hardware and make sure you install the bolts. Check that they fit properly and are not stripped. Don't wait till you install the airbag to do this, many times your warranty will have expired and you will not be able to return it.

Lastly, make sure you compare your (deployed airbag) with the replacement airbag once it arrives. Many, repair shops wait to open the box the day they are to be installed only to find that the airbags don't fit. If you follow these simple rules you will find that using a recycled airbag is a safe and viable option for your rebuilds.

If you need or have questions regarding used replacement airbags you can visit the Airbag Replacement Center web site.