Airbag Replacement - Airbag Light Is On

There are many reasons why your airbag light is on. Every time you start your car the airbag module does a complete diagnostic of the airbag system. Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle the airbag light may flash more or less times or may even be steady, regardless, after several seconds that light must go off. When the light goes off this is a signal that all is well and that your airbag system is now active. If the airbag light continues to flash or is steady it is a clear warning that something is wrong. Huh - So what to do next. Here are a few tips that may be the cause of the airbag light on the dash displays a warning. First, most newer vehicle are now equipped with passenger airbag detection sensor. This light will indicate that someone in the passenger seat may not be heavy enough to active the passenger airbag. So, a word to the wise, if this light is on I recommend sitting this person in the rear seats of your car. The passenger airbag sensor was created because there were reports of young children and small individuals who were decapitated due to the force of the airbags when they deployed. OK -note to self - put your kids and grandma in the back seats, no excuses. Another reason your airbag light is on could mean that your cars battery my have depleted and the battery backup of your airbag system may have drained. Once you resolve the car battery problem your airbag light should fix itself. Another reason your airbag light is on could have to do with any sudden stops or quick maneuvers that may have created deceleration and some vibration. The sensor in your car is equipped with inertia switches, meaning sudden stops and impact. If it senses vibration and impact is will record a message to your airbag module and the airbag light will come on to indicate that something was detected while driving. However, once you stop and start your car if the diagnostic found that all components are in working order the airbag light should turn off. For any tips and tricks on resetting your airbag light. You can checkout this web-site - Airbag Light On and for more information about airbag replacement visit Airbag Replacement Center.